Neck Pain

Do you have neck pain? Do you have difficulty turning your head or looking up or down? Does it feel like your neck is locking up? Do you have shooting pain down your shoulder or arm? Do you have numbness or tingling into your hand or shoulder? Do you have daily headaches? Are you having trouble sleeping due to your neck pain? Is your neck popping and clicking when moving your head?

For neck pain and associated problems fill out the form titled, “Neck Pain Treatment Questionaire.”  If you score 10 or more, treatment will likely be beneficial and reduce your symptoms and pain.

Your pain can be coming from restricted joints, strains in the muscles, trigger points/restrictions in the muscles, muscle weakness or stability impairments, or pinched nerves.

Don’t live with these problems. Let Spokane Sports and Physical Therapy help you take care of these problems so you can get back to life!

Many insurance plans will allow you to see a physical therapist without a doctor’s prescription, but you must check with your plan. Washington state allows physical therapy without referral from a physician and our clinic offers scheduling within 24 hours in order to relieve your symptoms and maintain a steady progressive training program. Call Spokane Sports and Physical Therapy or your Doctor if you feel that you have an injury which you are unable to resolve.